How to Learn Arabic Online

Dina Essawy

16 May 2018

The Arabic language is one of the most sacred languages around the world. It is the language of the holy Quran and the language spoken by over 300 million people. Non-Arabic speakers choose to study Arabic for various reasons, ranging from work-related reasons to marriage, travel or religion.

There are simple steps that one can follow to learn Arabic easily. You can start by reading and memorizing the Arabic alphabet, which consists of 28 letters and learning Arabic diacritics by taking an Arabic phonetics and literacy course called AL Qaida Al Nourania. Using online resources can be of major help as well. Websites and apps like Duolingo, Fluent and right here at Nour Academy can help you quickly advance and become a fluent Arabic speaker.

The Internet is full of resources that can help you learn Arabic quickly, such as simple articles you can read or audio materials that you can listen to imitate in order to get used to speaking the language properly. Watching Arabic online videos with closed captions in your own language can be very helpful as well. Audio stimulation has proven to be a very successful learning technique.

However, it is important to note that Arabic, like any other language, has many different dialects and accents, such as Classical, Gulf, Levantine, and Egyptian, among others.

If you are learning the language for Academic reasons, then the Modern Standard Arabic would be the way to go, but if you are learning Arabic to be able to communicate with people on a daily basis then perhaps Egyptian Arabic would be the solution, since it is the most widely understood dialect among Arab countries.

All in all, Arabic is a very rich and complex language, so learning it will definitely prove to be an enjoyable experience.



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